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What is our fee? The fee that we normally charge is 6% of the selling price of your home. This fee is very competitive and based on the cost of doing business in the Chico area including errors and omission, and self employment taxes.


Buyer’s Agent
50% of the fee goes to the other agent. The other agent must be paid for their buyer. 50% of the listing fee is the going rate for the buyer’s side of a transaction.

Keller Williams
A certain percentage is given directly to Keller William Realty International.

An additional percentage is give directly to my Broker at Keller Williams Realty Chico Area.

A percentage is paid to my assistants and staff as their compensation.

Transaction Coordinator
A flat fee is charge by my transaction coordinator, who makes sure your home’s paperwork is complete and your closing goes smoothly.

Donation to Charity
We donate a portion of every sales commission to the local food shelter. The Jesus Center receives much needed donations on a weekly basis as a result of sellers like you!

Ryan’s Paycheck
The remainder is used to pay for the marketing of your property. What is left over after all marketing funds are spent is my paycheck and is what puts food on my family’s table.