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Advanced Inspection Services
Thomas McDonald and Sherrie Fanning
(530) 519-3929

At AIS, we understand the time sensitive nature of the Real Estate business. When you choose us, you can rest assured the home inspector will be a qualified professional; and the report will meet the high standard that conforms to your own ideal of excellence. We do home inspections the way we know you want them done thoroughly and on time! Buying real estate is a major decision and it is vital to have the most accurate information available to properly assess the current condition of the property. We take great pride in delivering our on-site reports as prompty and reliably as possible.

Who benefits from a complete inspection?

When you list your home for sale, use Advanced Inspection Services to inspect it. You can sell your property with peace of mind, knowing that there will be no surprises in escrow related to its current condition.

You can purchase a property with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you have the most reliable information possible -- because it was inspected by a trained Advanced Inspection Services qualified home inspector.

What AIS Customers Say:

I would like to thank Tom McDonald of Advanced Inspection Services. My home was built in 1979 and had an addition in 2005. We have been talking about selling and building another house or moving to a new location as soon as we retire. Tom suggested that we have a comprehensive home inspection to see what might be needed before we sell this house.

The inspection took about 3 1/2 hours but was well worth it. He looked at the exterior and even took pictures of the deficiencies he found, inspected the roof and vents and chimney and even the PG&E wires, which he found some work that needed to be done at the service wires to the meter. Then he moved inside to inspecting everything, even crawling under the sinks and looking for possible water damage from leaking showers and faucets, doors that do not fit and cracks in drywall and plaster. The attic was inspected for AC ducting and insulation also. Overall, he went over it from the peak of the roof to the ground it sat on.

When the inspection was completed he surprised me with a binder and a very comprehensive presentation and report of what he found while inspecting my home. He then went over it and made some recommendations of what I might want to be aware of that needed attention. I talked to a realtor friend of mine that told me that this was one of the best reports he had seen. Most reports consist of a hand written page with some notes and little more. He told me to be sure to keep this report binder and it should be retained as a reference to this inspection if I decide to sell this house later.

Tom McDonald from AIS conducted himself in a very professional and knowledgeable manner and I will recommend him to everyone that needs these services. Their prices are very competitive and were well worth the expense. When you live in a house, you tend to overlook some things that need to be taken care of. Tom as an outside party saw things that I had not even considered being in need of attention. In addition, as a trained professional, he knew the building codes and referenced that in his report where there were deficiencies.

Thanks again to Tom of Advanced Inspection Services.

Thomas Beebe
Chico, Ca