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16 Reasons to Choose Ryan
Not all agents are alike!
  1. I am a Chico Association of Realtors Member, National and California Member.
  2. I have contacts in the Bay Area, Oregon and throughout Northern California.
  3. I use technology: digital camera, fax, voice mail, e-mail.
  4. I maximize your exposure via internet advertising of all my listings on numerous sites.
  5. I only use the latest computer software and hardware.
  6. I have extensive computer training.
  7. I know property management, including leasing and the eviction process.
  8. I stay informed on current on tax laws and real estate related events.
  9. I am an aggressive and successful full time real estate professional.
  10. I use unique marketing strategies.
  11. I am always honest and trustworthy.
  12. I am a former Eagle Scout in Chico.
  13. I am always accessible. I have a mobile phone, office receptionist and assistant and I believe in clear communication.
  14. I am good at problem anticipation and solving.
  15. I am liked and respected by other agents. They will gladly work on my listings.
  16. I have a team! I have assistants, a graphic designer, photographer and full office behind me.